Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog Offered to a Woman

It was on the 5th of August, last year, when Malacanang declared it as a non working special holiday in order to give respect to funeral and burial rights of President Cory Aquino.

Private sectors however were exempted, therefore I have to work, and only get an extra bonus for the effort exerted. August 5 was just one of the normal days before, not until the burial of our president.

As I ran through my old pictures, I've realized that on this occasion, our group in the office had been united in one color - yellow. The color of liberty which was exemplified by President Cory Aquino.

Unity comes handy when and only when people expressed the same feelings. Filipinos in general tend to comfort those who are mourning, sympathy to loss. And when we lost someone who we believed have contributed to us, as individuals and to the country, we patronized it.

While most in the country were on the streets, mourning and waiting for the convoy our president's burial, some might be at home simply watching the news, we (together with my office mates and I) were at office, wearing yellow shirts to show our gratitude, for an exceptional service to the country.

The burial of the president was one of the historic events in the Philippines with an anticipated hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, rich and poor, young and old to participate.

Though I might not know her totally, the stories from my folks and grand folks made it clear to me that she has indeed gained the trust of the Filipino people - through democracy and freedom.