Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Vivid Dream

The feeling was awful when I woke up this morning. My throat seemed to hurt a bit and my body's too weak to face the day. I felt helpless that I decided not to go to work and simply stayed at home...and rest.

As I was trying to reminisce the reasons behind my indisposition, I remember a dream, so vivid that it made me look for it's meaning, reason and purpose.

Let me share to you, as far as I can remember it, my dream. I've posted some pictures that serves as a resemblance to what I've perceived.

I was in a room with my office colleagues (Lyle and Sela - the images I only remember), which I have interpreted as a sleeping quarter. There in the middle I saw a bed, with a striped cotton yellow and white bedspread. Blurry but I remember a double deck too. The room was a bit dim, as colored curtains covering two perpendicular windows, blocked the light from the outside. The room resembled mostly like my boarding room when I was in High School. There were no talking inside the room. "Clicks" and "Cellphone Rings" were the only sound I heard.

Then I went out of the room, leaving both my cellphones on the corner table, right beside the bed.
I was wearing a t-shirt (the color I could not remember or hardly could I recognized), a khaki cargo shorts a pair of green sandals. Just as I walked out the door, I realized I was on a second-story building.

But it wasn't just a building, it was the main building of Don Bosco Technical Institute, the place where I studied in high school. And as I could remember it, and by the looks of it, the place was somehow converted as an evacuation center.
The place wasn't tidy as it used to. Dirt and dusts were all over the hallway. I walked downstairs and found myself walking on a highway.

I was wandering the length of Baywalk in Pasay City.

I wasn't surprised in my dream, as it came to me nearly real. It seemed very realistic. I even looked back and saw the roof of the building I was in.

All my emotions are there, except for a hint of my sense of smell.

I passed by people, faces that I've never known, yet I believed had existed and had I probably seen at one point in my life. It was a typical day in Baywalk. I've seen summer skies with fluffy clouds meeting horizon, and the palm tress shading my path made my spirit glad.

Ships and small boats sailing peacefully at the Manila Bay has never been but a perfect view to me.

As I shifted my eyes on my right, I saw towering buildings which have been there as always. Then at a distance, which I assumed somewhere around Manila Capitol, my eyes caught a group of towering buildings which are new to me. They were about four to five of them, with different heights and designs, but all made up of glass. They didn't seem to protrude any special in them, except for few noticeable smokes projecting from below.

Then I was stunned with what I saw.

The rear most building started to collapse, then by the order of distance, the others followed with a quake. A distinctively humongous gray smoke fumed up whenever a building collapsed. Explosions were heard there after.

Then I heard screams and shouts. People on different locations ran, opposing the scene. Cars screeched as drivers trying to avoid to hit a thing.

Chaos was all over.

As I was standing still, buildings wobbled and one by one they too fall. In front of me were few buildings, considerably skyscrapers, left standing. Based on the manner of events I knew somehow they too will go down.

Then I was shaken, to the point that I've lost my balance.
The ground excessively trembled. It was then I only knew that I was standing above an active fault line, so do the rest of the buildings in front of me. I step backwards slowly, and with a thought I remember my calling my family and friends, only to realize that I don't have my cellphones with me. Too late, I reckon. Cracked lined and ran Roxas Boulevard, grounds shoot few feet upwards and debris were pouring all over the place. I have no idea but I had a feeling that it was coming for me.

Frightened, I ran as fast as I could.
Then I was relieved when I reached the fountain of Malate.

The place seemed untouched, and no ones in panic, yet I could still see the turmoil from where I've been at a distance - and is still coming.
I knew I ran fast, but I didn't know how I managed to run in a dash...surely the energy was there.

PUVs were taking U-Turns in this area when they saw what was coming. There I took a tricycle driven by a young lady.

As the face wasn't familiar at all, I never had a chance to know her name. The driving was slow and while she does, tears flowed down her cheeks. She has a pretty small face with a tan complexion and a heavy black straight hair, a typical Filipina. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
We talked a little, in which I learned that her boyfriend dumped her. But I've forgotten the rest of her story.

As we drove, I've noticed that the bay's activities had changed. Towering waves is fast approaching our way. And it hit the land. Chaos has taken over the place, this time it was caused by water.

Terrified, I took the wheels and zoomed our way out of Roxas Boulevard. I drove it straight, until we reached a small fishing village.

There I saw unfamiliar faces, a lot of them. Faces ranged from children to grannies. Yet even though they were only part of my dream, their faces remained in my mind as I am writing this - as though they were part of me. It seems like they were real.
The area was new to me. It was like a typical slum around a port metro, surrounded by water. The water here was a little less calm than where we came from. Winds blew hard and here I felt peace.

But my mind wasn't at peace. I thought of my family, I thought of mama. I have to go back. But how?
I made several attempts to get some answers from the villagers but all they did is stare at me. Without a single word.

The lady driver was still sobbing and I felt pity for her.

I've left with no choice but to find my way out - alone. To find my family and friends. To warn them as to what is happening and what might happen. And so I drove off believing that I'll be headed back to where I came from - and so I was.

Floods are rising in the area of Malate. Unmanned cruising ships crashing the buildings.
I gazed on the unimaginable frozen. And then I saw a dry porch of a convenient store in the area. Bay's at front and I saw dozens of shipwrecked. I have witnessed how some of the fishing vessels were pushed by the water towards the land clashing with the buildings. And I have no idea why there's a dry place despite of a rising water, but I stood there for a while waiting and hoping that somebody will come to offer assistance.

Standing for a certain time that seemed endless, I saw a ferry boat. This one is almost as big as a regular passenger's bus (resembled like a ferry boat used to cross-island in some parts of US and Europe), full of people (probably passengers) sailed towards me.

But as I realized, it wasn't sailing as people inside are all screaming and shouting. The waves took control of the boat and it was moving slowly towards my direction. I knew somehow it will hit the store, the porch and me. So I kept prepared and ready to face it.
As the boat drifted sideways to my direction, I dash out of a small exit before it crushed me. With few inches left, the boat almost collided with the building - but was left with no scratch at all.

Not a sound was heard from the people inside the boat. They all came out unharmed and in silence they're all gone.

Left inside the boat was my mother holding a little girl.

The girl's face wasn't familiar at all, no name was even mentioned, but it seems like she was part of the family - co'z I felt like it.

My mama was amazed to see her son escape a death defying act. And so I recall her saying "Ang galing ah!".
I've never seen my mama in two years and I miss her much. The dream had brought us together, though it wasn't a happy ending. I told her what was happening, and what we need to do. However the unthinkable happened. She went back to the boat, still holding the girl in her right and said that she has to do the right thing.

And then the boat left.

Sun's setting and the place's back to normal again.

So I woke up tired and sick.

Dreams do tell something. As for me, I've checked the meaning of this vivid dream of mine and I'm still trying to digest how my unconsciousness affected the outcome of my dreams. The meaning revealed in the internet and I wasn't pleased.

So from now on, I will leave everything that is about to happen to GOD. For HE knows everything that has happened, is happening and is about to happen. And nothing's more safer than that of HIS hands.

As for you my dear brothers and sisters, be safe in the hands of GOD.